Light Blue Apple Watch Band

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Unique, sustainable and eco-friendly light blue Apple watch band handcrafted from a strong and stretchy 100% merino wool.
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  • Strong and stretchy material.
  • Stylish and classic design.
  • It doesn't let your hand sweat as other straps do.
  • Comfortable like grandmothers knitted sweater.
  • Looks great. It's like sunset - everyone likes it!
  • No leather which absorbs your sweat.
  • No metals which are cold in harsh weather.
  • No silicone which sticks to your skin.
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Band color: dark blue
  • Buckle and adapter colors: black, silver, gold, rose gold
  • Weight: approx. 30g (1oz) in total.

Truly unique watch band

Comes with lots of benefits that you simply can't ignore. Take a closer look and see for yourself.

Made, using our own patented technology - you won't find it anywhere else.
No harmful chemicals in our straps - just pure merino wool touch to your skin.
The more you wear it the more durable and stronger it becomes.
It's soft to touch, has exceptional feeling of coziness and is very comfy.
Great looking texture and fabric that makes it stand out from other watch bands.
Create your own unique watch band combination by picking its components.