Our challenge was to create a watch strap that would be sustainable, comfortable, sharp-looking, would wear extremely well, last long and have a competitive price. Well... We did it!

At the very beginning, A. Casas discovered that there is no need to use leather, metals or silicone rubber. All of those methods are resource and labor intensive. Also those types of products wear out quickly.

So today we're trying to go away from dependability on fossil fuels. We look back to what our ancestors were using, adapt to new environments, harmonized with new breed of technological advancement, where sustainability, natural feel, minimalistic design and renewability are the key elements and a new luxury.

And here comes merino wool - one of the most impressive materials that nature has to offer. It's been around with humans for thousands of years and even saved their lives when environment conditions would become harsh to survive.

Merino wool is a natural thermoregulating material that keeps body at it's normal temperature despite the environmental changes. That's why it can be worn both on the deserts and snowfields. Therefore it's used to make textile, shoes, clothes, fashion accessories and etc. It's an expensive material that has a unique texture and feel to skin.

We have developed a technology that allows us to use merino wool in one of the most popular accessories - watches. At the moment, our brand is in a patent pending stage.

Merino wool usability solves many problems caused by usual watch bands (wrist sweating, quick wear out, allergies, uncomfy feeling, unsustainable production process and etc.), by providing soft, natural feeling, unique design and eco-friendly manufacture process. It's strong enough to keep your watch on a wrist but at the same time a little bit stretchy to make it suitable for workouts. Breathable and thermoregulating material prevents your wrist from sweating and helps moisture to evaporate before you even notice it.

Our watch bands are a real fresh air gust - never felt and seen before... 

Founder - Algimantas Casas


Merino Wool watch band start story