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Sizing details

Please tell us your wrist size in centimeters.

If your hand is from 6.9 to 9 inches in it will be as standard. If it is smaller than that or bigger we will figure this out for you, but please let us know about this.


To be as sustainable as possible we use only black silk paper for unique experience, our main focus is product itself and sustainability of it.

Custom and personalized orders

If you want a personalized order please send us your request by 

Care instructions

This is Merino wool felt so it should be taken care of as any wool clothing or accessories.

Is it good for working out?

It is extremely comfortable in all conditions, working out is one of them as it controls your body temperature and moisture level. It evaporates excess moisture very quickly while your wrist is in body temperature level.

Can I swim with it?

At the moment we would not recommend as it is not tested well in swimming environment. It is textile so partials in water might impact material.

Can I rinse it with cold water?

Yes and then let it dry out on hand or in room temperature. Don't force drying out by heat it will change wool parameters.

Quality and Durability?

This is finest Merino wool that we use. You won't notice much of difference while using this strap daily for working out and just wearing it all day. It regulates climate in contact with skin so only wear that happens is due to friction to other surfaces or materials.

I did not receive my band

Check your tracking information. In the initial e-mail, we indicated the address being sent to and provided a tracking code that should look like this: RSXXXXXXXX. To track your package, insert this tracking code to the Lithuanian post-tracking site here:

If your tracking information says “Unsuccessful Delivery” A courier likely tried to deliver your band to your indicated address, but he/she failed to find you at your address. To find your package, you will need to call your local/national post office and provide your tracking code: RSXXXXXXXX. The post office staff will help you to identify where your package is located, and either set up another time to deliver or tell you where to pick it up.


We do provide warranty for our proprietary connection method of band itself to metal body unless damage was done by directional force larger than 100 Nm/10 kg/22 pounds, this might happen in combat situations and similar. 1 year limited warranty.