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Apple Watch bands

Sustainable, eco-friendly and stylish. Made from 100% finest merino wool. Like you've never felt and seen before.

Truly unique watch band

Comes with lots of benefits that you simply can't ignore. Take a closer look and see for yourself.

Made, using patented technology - you won't find it anywhere else.
No harmful chemicals in our straps - just pure merino wool touch to your skin.
The more you wear it the more durable and stronger it becomes.
Watch band benefits Watch band benefits Watch band benefits
It's soft to touch, has exceptional feeling of coziness and is very comfy.
Great looking texture and fabric that makes it stand out from other watch bands.
Create your own unique watch band combination by choosing components.

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Merino wool benefits

So, why merino wool, you might ask? Well, because it has a lot of benefits compared to other materials.

Thermo regulating merino wool
Thermo regulating
Evaporates body's moisture vapors when it's hot and condenses them inside when it's cold.
Odor resistant merino wool
Odor resistant
Absorbs odor molecules and only releases them upon washing so it won't smell.
Quick drying merino wool
Quick drying
Merino wool fibers releases water very easily so it can dry very quickly.
Non-allergenic merino wool
A perfect choice for sensitive skin because merino wool is hypoallergenic.
Washable merino wool
Prevents stains from being absorbed and can also be washed by hands.
Biodegradable merino wool
Merino wool will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed.

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