Why Sustainable Apple Watch Bands Are Better Than any Other?

Apple Watch is perhaps the most MVP watch presently in the smartwatch industry with its user base growing by 20% annually. Not only has it successfully captured the largest market share in its own industry, but it has also successfully beaten the original watch companies like Rolex and Omega and many others. Can this get any better than this for Apple and its diehard fans? Apparently, it can with Merino wool Apple watch bands.

We are all aware of the current ecological situation of our poor planet and the climatic changes such as global warming. The situation is becoming increasingly alarming as we have reached a threshold where the tolerance of both, our planet and the ozone layer is becoming saturated. Once we have crossed that marker, it’s good riddance for every living being on the planet.

This is why experts are suggesting to go green. And it’s not that we haven’t been trying, we just have to put out back into it. Like the increase in energy production via sustainable means (wind turbines, dams, solar, etc.), switching from harmful plastics to reusable or biodegradable plastics, and alternating to a greener and sustainable means of living. This applies to all aspects and objects of life no matter how minute or insignificant they may seem.

Remember Apple watch? As much as we are all fans of the novel product, we are also aware that plastics are harmful to our environment. This is why it is time to make a switch to sustainable Apple watch bands.

These 100% merino wool Apple watch bands are handmade provide an exceptional feeling of coziness. Being completely natural, they are an obviously better choice in comparison to disposable straps that are going to be ultimately polluting our environment.

These environmental friendly Apple watch bands are a statement that you care about the planet and are playing your just role to minimize the carbon footprint to the best. Some of the prominent features of these merino wool Apple watch bands include:

  • They are quite soft as they are made from 100% merino wool.
  • Certified natural. No addition of nylon or plastics.
  • These watchbands are handcrafted which sets them a class apart. As no machines were used in their production, hence no carbon footprint.
  • Unlike plastic-based wristbands, these are quite breathable, hence they prevent sweating by allowing air to pass through them

Available in a number of colors, it is a must for everyone to have a sustainable Apple watch band to showcase they care about the environment. Moreover, their patented technology, unique appearance, along with classy and solid design makes them something truly unique that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Merino wool Apple watch bands are as comfortable as one would expect from a handcrafted wool-based watch strap. Not only they prevent provide an exceptional feeling of coziness but keep your watch close to your pulse thanks to their natural adjustability. With time, these straps become stronger and denser. Made of 100% natural merino wool, these environmental friendly Apple watch bands are odour-resistant and washable as well. Natural material makes them ‘immune’ to weather changes, something you can’t expect from plastic-based watchstraps.

We are all equally responsible for looking after the wellbeing of our environment. If you already have an Apple watch or intend to purchase one, surely you will come across the need to have the straps changed at one point or another. Why not go for straps that are made from 100% natural merino wool? Showcase your style without compromising your resolve to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet with merino wool apple watch bands.