Why 80% of Apple Watch users buy wrong bands for it?

Apple watch is one of most successful apple products. User base grows every year by 20%. There are around 100 million apple watch users worldwide and it became health and active lifestyle icon.

Most attractive reason to buy an apple watch is easy access to activity and health monitoring with series 4 model bringing ECG measurements to your wrist. Convenience and elegant design is one of most important combos.

However, there is one problem that wasn’t present in regular watch industry. Watches in past weren't strapped to your wrist 24/7. It wasn’t done because there was no need to do so. Watches with clock function weren’t more useful than measuring time. But Apple watch is a multipurpose communication device with multiple sensors. Processing power of an iPhone 7, water resistance and 4G connectivity that can track your activity and heart rate, play your music and guide you through maps when asked direction from built in Siri. Is making a call through it qualify it as a smartphone? Heck, it will have an App Store in new edition. Apple watch is destined to success and to be on your wrist 24/7.

And here comes part where people don’t have much to choose from to be comfortable in demanding environments all the time. They would prefer comfort, good looks, tidiness on a wrist except when charging or when watch is being fixed from that nasty hit to the wall.

It is due to lack of versatile materials for watch bands overall. There are some innovations from old school materials, but they don’t qualify for everyday usage. Having heat and moisture from body, constant wear and tear, heat and cold from surroundings, water, snow and human skin isn’t rewarding environment to make wrist comfortable without sacrifices. You see all those pictures on internet with wrists in bruises and pain after using smartwatch extensively and wonder could that happen to me (Article about Eczema on a wrist).

It is inconvenient to have few bands for swipe up’s or replacing band frequently driving cost of ownership higher.

There was no band to do it all, until now.

While you are working out, or doing regular routine stuff you don’t want to have your outcomes of working out to pass on to everyday jobs. Either you swap straps with every activity or use one that can be uncomfortable sometime and doesn’t provide value you were looking for when buying Apple watch in first place. Even in gym you want to look classy. You would prefer in business meeting partners would be gazing to your wrist and wondering what is that sexy combo you have there.

Looking and feeling good is an outcome of good design and technology. That’s what Apple is all about. That’s what fashion and luxury is all about.

You wonder what solution is there to make the best pair with apple watch. You want to have one band that looks good, feels good, can be used in workouts and daily life. What could be the best apple band having same values as Apple itself?

Look at our Some Loops bands for apple watch. The most elegant solution made from sustainable natural and strong Merino Wool felt. Industrial density felt is strapped to metal parts with special connection technology. Merino wool property’s lets it be robust and soft at the same time. It is comfortable in harsh weather and makes no trouble while used in contact with your skin 24/7. Breathability makes it perfect for your skin while you do all kinds of stuff. It isn’t afraid of water. Even in cold it will make your wrist comfortable. After break in it adapts to your wrist. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified Product Class II.

If you push your apple watch to the limit and want it to stay on your wrist, but don’t want to lose comfort and convenience there is no other watch band in world that can do that.